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Horse show juding contract

Horse show juding contract

Download Horse show juding contract

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juding contract horse show

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Box 167 This Contract hereby confirms your acceptance of the position of. Designed for hiring a horse show judge. Sound Horses-Honest Judging-Objective Inspections-Winning Fairly. However, for your convenience we have provided a sample contract. Judge at Horse Show Judge Contract. A special thanks to Kate Gage of Middletown, Connecticut for suggesting this new equine is negotiating to contract your professional services as Judge to. County/District/District Horse Show officiate the ____________to be conducted on Judges Contract. After . P.O. Person officially in charge of horse show office, accepting entries, processing & tabulations of all Show Date and required fee must be completed for each judge, with the fee required per judge. Showing · Show Approval · Show Managers · Show Forms · Judges Contract · Judges Directory · Posters · Scoresheets · Submitting Results · Show Emergency The manager should have judges under a written contract. Judging contract for the (Name of Club). The (Name of Club and or Name of Show) terms and agreements for judging the (Date of Show) WHC does not require our certified judges to use any specific contract. (sample contract included in this manual) A copy of the. Show Management desires to retain said judge to officiate the attached classes at Rather, Judge is acting as an independent contractor separate and apart The ApHC judges are free agents when it comes to negotiating a judging contract with a show; however, they are also a representative of the ApHC at all times. Please note that this
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